By Nick Maslow
July 13, 2016 at 06:23 PM EDT
The Kicker

Everyone — even John Cena — struggles with something.

“You know, people always look at me, my body of work, WWE, and now I’m host of this year’s ESPYs. And they just assume that I’m some confident guy, but I’m not,” Cena admits in a new video for sports comedy site The Kicker. “That’s why I have a life coach.”

Enter Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones, who has a unique style of coaching her clients.

“You ready for the ESPYs, man?” she warmly asks.

Cena starts to say he feels good about the show, but Jones interrupts him with an onslaught of hostility. “You’re not ready!” she screams, coming for Cena and making him jump back.

That’s when we get Jones’ perspective from a Real World-style confessional shot: “I’m a life coach because I’ve been around. I’ve seen some things,” she reveals. “I didn’t buy this polo shirt and whistle for nothing.”

The Ghostbusters star’s experience leads her to prepare Cena for some intense scenarios, such as Kanye West rushing the stage and the Blue Jays and Draymond Green brawling in the audience. Jones’ solution: Put ’em all in headlocks! 

Then she turns her attention to Cena’s life, using a stuffed animal — “He’s an a–hole,” Cena says of the fake puppy — to tell Cena he will “never transition out of wrestling” and that “the only reason Amy Schumer put you in [Trainwreck] is because she wanted to sleep with you.”

Things get even weirder when his shirt comes off and Jones rubs him down with oil. Watch it all go down in the video above before the ESPY Awards air Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.