Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

From the files of Bryan Cranston’s current press tour continues to be a complete delight, the former Breaking Bad star appeared on Tuesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about visiting a nudist colony.

Cranston explained how his Uncle Bob lives at a nudist colony in Florida. “You don’t have to be naked, but if you like that sort of lifestyle, they welcome it,” he said about visiting his uncle.

The actor, who said he saw his uncle while filming The Infiltrator in Florida, then recalled a story about how interacted with the naked man. “I was in a low-slung chair as we were looking out over the lake. It was very pretty. My uncle was at my side and he kept having to turn his head to look at me. He said, ‘Let me rearrange this.’ He’s in a wheelchair right now, so he moves his wheelchair over so he can face me so he doesn’t have to crane his neck. Of course, that’s not always the best position for me to be in, directly facing my naked uncle.”

Cranston then impersonated other members of the colony, including a woman he called “Doris.”

“I thought you embodied LBJ, but your Doris… I felt like Doris was here,” Meyers said to the impression (which included Cranston’s hands slung below his waist to affect the appearance of Doris).

Cranston’s nudist colony story is the latest bit of viral content produced by the star during his promotional stops for The Infiltrator. He previously impersonated Donald Trump and revealed he loves playing Pokemon Go.