The singer altered 'O Canada' lyrics to include the controversial phrase

By Will Robinson
Updated July 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

A member of Canadian singing group The Tenors went rogue during the group’s MLB All-Star Game performance Tuesday, adding the words “all lives matter” to “O Canada.”

Partway through the Canadian national anthem, one of singers altered the lyrics, singing: “We’re all brothers and sisters. All lives matter to the great.” (The actual lyrics are “With glowing hearts we see thee rise. The True North strong and free.”) He also held up a card featuring the controversial phrase, which is widely considered to be a rejection of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The improvisation was unexpected by the other three members of The Tenors, who disavowed the “lone wolf” of the group, saying he will not perform with the quartet “until further notice.”

“The other members of the group are shocked and embarrassed by the actions of Remigio Pereira, who changed the lyrics of our treasured anthem and used this coveted platform to serve his own political views,” The Tenors said in a statement. “Our sincere apologies and regrets go out to everybody who witnessed this shameful act, to our fellow Canadians, to Major League Baseball, to our friends , families, fans, and to all those affected.”

See the video and the full apology below.