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Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show rarely feels connected to its predecessors; although the basic format has remained the same, the newest iteration has featured a lot more wacky games. But during his interview with Kristen Stewart on Monday night, Fallon unearthed a photo of Carson and Eva Gabor playing Twister on the show decades earlier. To commemorate the anniversary of the game, Fallon and Stewart played their own version of Twister, one that more heavily featured Jell-O shots.

The premise was mostly the same as regular Twister (place your arms and legs according to spins of the color wheel), except every colored spot on the board came with its own Jell-O shot that had to be consumed. Twister involves putting your hands and feet on many different spots, so it didn’t take long for Fallon and Stewart to get more alcoholic Jell-O than they bargained for.

“I’m full, like really full,” Stewart said after a couple turns. Even so, the game must go on, and sidekick Steve Higgins was on hand to help Fallon and Stewart imbibe their shots from difficult positions. In the end, though, Stewart was victorious when Fallon finally collapsed under the strain.

Watch the clip below.

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