Credit: Alessandro Bosio/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

If you’re going to text at a concert, it’s probably best not to do it front row — at least according to Slipknot.

While at a recent show, frontman Corey Taylor smacked a phone from a texting fan’s hands. Fellow concertgoers caught the incident on camera, showing the masked rocker as he bends down mid-song to lob the phone into the venue’s front barrier.

Taylor later defended his actions via Twitter. “If you’re gonna text, stay at home,” he wrote Sunday, adding that while he gets the need to stay in touch “you might wanna do it between sets or between songs.”

He also insisted that there were no hard feelings. “It’s actually funny- afterward, the dude TOTALLY understood the f— up and we laughed together.”

Over the years, Taylor has been vocal about his no texting protocol. In a 2014 interview with WRIF radio station, he recalled dumping four water bottles onto another unsuspecting fan.

“Oh my God, it had to have broken her phone. And then she was just bummed for the rest of the night, and I just kept shrugging at her, going, ‘Hey, it’s a live show. Pay attention, or don’t be here,'” he said. “People need to unplug and realize that they’re missing their lives, dude. It’s sad. And that may be me just being an old jerk, but I don’t care. I don’t care. Truth is truth; it doesn’t matter what age you’re at.”

The incident comes on the heels of recent controversy surrounding a new Apple patent that could disable phones’ cameras during public events like concerts. Apple hasn’t announced any plans to use the technology, but it seems musicians like Taylor could be in strong support of such a function.

Watch Taylor knock the phone from the fan’s hands below.

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