Updated July 11, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sarah Silverman has shared a health update following a medical scare that she said was nearly fatal.

Silverman took to Instagram on Monday to humorously “milk” her “last vestige of sympathy” by posting a picture of the bruises that she sustained.

Last week, the comedian thanked her loved ones for standing by her while she was in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after having contracted epiglottitis.

“I was in the ICU all of last week and I am insanely lucky to be alive,” her post began. “Don’t even know why I went to the doctor, it was just a sore throat. But I had a freak case of epiglottitis.”

Epiglottitis occurs when a piece of small cartilage that covers the windpipe swells and blocks air from getting into the lungs. It can cause respiratory failure, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Silverman, 45, went on to thank the medical team who worked to save her life as well as her loved ones.

She added that, “There’s something that happens when three people you’re so close to die within a year and then YOU almost die but don’t. (That was me. I’m the one that didn’t die.) It’s a strange dichotomy between, ‘Why me?’ and the other, ‘Why me?’ “

“They couldn’t put me fully to sleep for the recovery process because my blood pressure’s too low,” she continued. “I was drugged just enough to not feel the pain and have no idea what was happening or where I was. They had to have my hands restrained to keep me from pulling out my breathing tube. My friend Stephanie said I kept writing ‘was I in an accident?’ “