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July 11, 2016 at 04:11 PM EDT

Pokémon Go has helped players catch ’em all — but could the craze over the augmented reality app lead to something more sinister?

In the world of paranoid tech series Black Mirror, the answer is, as always: yes. Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker caught wind of the game, which takes players on scavenger hunts for the original 151 pocket monsters in the popular franchise, and tweeted a response to a fan wondering whether the app felt appropriate for the show to satirize…

…before tweeting his support of a fan video mashing up the game with a scene from the season 2 episode, “White Bear.” In the show, the character’s the target, but in the Pokéfied version, the people around her holding up their phones are simply after a Pikachu — and she’s the non-player baffled by all the attention.

Of course, the video presents an extreme version of what happens when players congregate around the game’s Pokéstops — landmarks that offer supplies and can be used to attract more Pokémon — but it’s not that different from what Pokémon Go has already done: In Central Park, the game brought phone-clutching players together in a similar fashion, and armed robberies have already occurred at the hands of the game in Missouri. So, is a dystopian version of the Pokémon Go phenomenon possible? On Black Mirror? Brooker seems up for it. In real life? Only if the servers stop failing. 

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