By Clark Collis
Updated March 14, 2017 at 01:10 PM EDT
Credit: Geek Nation

Directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Digging Up the Marrow) and Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2) have announced that they are set to host a live, marathon edition of their film podcast The Movie Crypt to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. The pair will start broadcasting on Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. PT and continue straight through until the evening of Aug. 7. The podcast will be available to hear via GeekNation and will feature celebrity interviews, film commentaries, live script readings, musical interruptions and — if the regular Movie Crypt podcast is any guide — welcoming barks by Green’s own Yorkshire Terrier, Arwen. Founded in 2002, Save a Yorkie Rescue Inc. gives abandoned Yorkshire terriers a second chance by providing medical attention and placing them in safe, loving homes. Listeners will be encouraged to directly donate to the organization during the marathon broadcast.

“Given what huge dog lovers Lynch and I are and that our show’s mascot is my own Yorkie Arwen, we felt like we had a huge opportunity here to use the popularity of The Movie Crypt to really help Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. and help make a huge difference for so many dogs in need,” said Green in a statement.

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“Adam and I have been working hard to plan out the entire weekend that we’ll be broadcasting,” said Lynch. “This isn’t just about the endurance test of ‘Can we stay awake?’ We’ve planned out a truly entertaining, fun, informative, and inspirational weekend. So many amazing artists have volunteered their time and talents to join us and contribute to this event. It’s going to be hard work, but man is it going to be fun.”

“Our goal with GeekNation was always to create a positive and supportive community,” said GeekNation CEO Clare Kramer. “The Movie Crypt is not just one of our most successful programs, it is also one of our most important programs. Adam and Joe have made a positive impact in so many lives by encouraging people from all over the world not to give up on themselves, no matter how difficult their individual journeys may be. We all have enough people in our lives telling us ‘No,’ but every week The Movie Crypt tells their listeners that ‘Yes they can.’ We’re thrilled to provide the technical support and necessary personnel to make Adam and Joe’s live, 3-day marathon for ‘Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc.’ a major success.”

You can hear Green and Lynch talk more about their upcoming marathon Movie Crypt on this week’s regular-sized episode of the podcast.