July 11, 2016 at 03:36 PM EDT

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John Oliver is known for tackling the world’s biggest issues on Last Week Tonight, but since he didn’t have a show Sunday, the host took to YouTube to share highlights from his fan mail, a.k.a. YouTube comments.

“Of course, no one sent me actual mail because I’m not currently fighting in the [American] Revolutionary War, or as they call it where I’m from, ‘Well, we’ve still got Canada,'” he joked. “As always, our fan mail comes from YouTube comments — the most cogent written argument for never learning how to read. I would like to share some of my favorite comments, not all of which are hateful. In fact, one viewer even wrote, ‘John Oliver has magnificent eyebrows,’ which I appreciated — and I’ll tell you why — because no one has called any part of my body magnificent. Ever.”

The sentiment wasn’t always so positive, with Oliver reading another fan’s opinion on his eyebrows: “John Oliver’s eyebrows are alien caterpillars and move independently of each other.” Oliver, though, kept it in perspective. “I thought, that’s okay. That’s okay. That does still technically fall under the umbrella of magnificent. There’s no more magnificent eyebrow than one that is sentient and moves independently. So you know what? Sorry Cara Delevingne, I’m the new queen of eyebrow thickness. Step off. Step off, Cara!”

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Alas, people had more to discuss than Oliver’s eyebrows. “John Oliver looks like a mix of a Pokémon and a child molester,” wrote one YouTube user. Oliver explained that the comment made him angry because such a creature already exists: Gengar, a scary Pokémon species.

Watch the video below to hear Oliver respond to insulting fans, most of whom he believes “badly missed the mark.”

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