By Devan Coggan
Updated July 11, 2016 at 05:35 PM EDT
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If you go see the new Ghostbusters when it hits theaters this weekend and find that it could’ve used just a little more slime, you’re in luck: According to director Paul Feig, there’s an extended cut of the movie coming to Blu-ray, featuring plenty of extra ghosts.

Speaking to Collider, Feig revealed that his original cut of Ghostbusters clocked in at a whopping four hours and 15 minutes, and he was tasked with trimming it down to its final run time of just under two hours.

“We generate a lot of stuff and I always want to have all the underpinnings of a big, emotional story,” Feig said. “And because of that, it just added a lot of extra scenes that as you’re going through, you have to make a lot of choices because I knew I had to bring this down under two hours. You just start weeding and saying, ‘What do people want to delve deeper into and what do we want to just kind of skirt through and get to the fun parts?’”

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After all that cutting, however, the extended version will add another 15 minutes back in and include fully finished visual effects — not including additional deleted scenes and bonus features on the Blu-ray.

Until then, we’ll have to get our ghost fix with the theatrical version of Ghostbusters, starring Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig and hitting theaters Friday.


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