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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of 12 Monkeys. Read at your own risk!

12 Monkeys fans are one step closer to finding out the identity of the Witness.

During the penultimate episode, 12 Monkeys unveiled the owner of the infamous house that Railly (Amanda Schull) envisioned during her treks to the Red Forest. Twist: It belongs to Cole (Aaron Stanford).

After failing to prevent the paradox of the final Primary, Cole disappeared to start a new life while Railly was in a coma. Eventually, Railly was able to track him down to his new house — THE house — making the words Olivia (Alisen Down) spoke about the Red Forest come to life, including the part where the duo (finally) sleeps together.

Sadly, that moment of happiness was juxtaposed with the Titan prophecy completely coming true: The hunt for Titan leads to death — quite literally, everyone died in a trap set by the Army of the 12 Monkeys. What does this all mean?! EW turned to executive producer Terry Matalas to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Cole left Railly behind, making her believe he was dead. Did he just feel like it was all hopeless at that point?

TERRY MATALAS: He’s not sure. It’s either really hopeless or hopeful. At that moment in time, the fact that the storms haven’t come and devoured the past yet, it’s quite possibly that Ramse succeeded in finding the Witness and finding a way to undo everything. If they are indeed stuck back there, even if it’s for a small amount of time, he wants Cassie to have some kind of happiness, and he stills believes he is her curse. He’s the one who continually brings destruction into her life. At least that is what he believes. Deep down, he’s in love with her. He doesn’t necessarily believe she feels the same way. It’s like a couple who has gone through seriously traumatic events. Do they continue to remind each other of that event? Or do they push through? That’s what they face.

When you set up the Red Forest in the first season, did you always know that Cole would be the owner of that house?

Yes. Quite frankly, it surprised a lot of people. We always knew they would end up in that house, and the house was a memory of tomorrow of a place they hadn’t been yet. The plan from the beginning was for that house to be iconic and important to who they are.

Cole and Railly finally got together! Have you basically been waiting since the beginning to have this moment?

We just wanted to make sure we really earned it. I’m really proud of this episode, because at this moment, you could not be rooting for them more. What you have is something the audience really, really wants intercut with something the audience really, really doesn’t want, which is the death of their friends in Titan — the Red Wedding of it all. It’s bittersweet, but it is nice to see them finally consummate their relationship.

What’s going through their minds at that point? Does it feel like the end of the world to them?

It could be, or it could be the beginning of just peace. At this point, it doesn’t matter. Their passion for each other is at an apex. What they’ll come to find is peace for a moment, that they actually have the time to talk about their feelings without the apocalypse right on their back, or so they believe.

What do all these events say about the Witness’ identity?

It says that the Witness cares very much about Cassie. Clearly this house was important. We saw that the Witness was writing on this wall in Olivia’s tea dreams. We don’t know the Witness’ point of view yet, but what if the Witness had a pretty altruistic motive about all this, that the Witness cares for Cassie as much as anyone else?

You killed Ramse?! You killed basically everyone in the future! Why?! What’s going on?!

Jennifer warned them all that the search for Titan leads to death. This should be no surprise to anyone. Ramse went in there blindly. Deacon was telling him, “Why would you walk toward the weird music?” Everything about this is a bad idea. In a weird way, Ramse did that thing that Cole always does: He rushed in without a plan. His rage finally got him. It’s definitely a dark and will be a controversial moment in the series. But it happened.

The 12 Monkeys finale airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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