Roman Burtsev is cashing in on the attention he’s received for his uncanny similarity to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Russian emergency services officer who made headlines earlier this year for his resemblance to the Revenant actor is capitalizing on his doppelgänger status.

In a new commercial for Pyat Ozer vodka, Burtsev appears to be searching for meaning after realizing his life is “but a fake.” The fake DiCaprio talks on a fake iPhone, drives a fake BMW (with a picture of the real actor on the rearview mirror) and has a fake model girlfriend.

Burtsev, looking decidedly different from the Oscar winner, eventually finds solace in leaving all of his fake material goods behind and taking only his vodka with him as he paddles away on a peaceful lake.

After a Russian news organization announced that they had “found Leo in Russian forces” in January, Burtsev launched an Instagram account dedicated to documenting the attention he received for his celebrity look-alike status and sharing pictures of himself reenacting classic DiCaprio moments.

Although Burtsev hasn’t updated the Instagram account in several months, this commercial may mean that the Russian look-alike may soon be gunning for an Oscar to match DiCaprio’s.