Macaulay Culkin may not act as an adult nearly as much as he did in his childhood — he has lent his voice to a handful of episodes of Robot Chicken and has appeared as a fictional version of himself on TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show — but when he pops up, it’s worth taking notice. Case in point, a new commercial in which he stars alongside a couple animated meerkats.

In the video, which can be seen above, two meerkats, Aleksandr and Sergei, are driving through the desert in an RV, headed off on a family vacation. There’s just one problem, though — they don’t have a family. But not to worry. That’s why one of them invited Culkin along on their vacation adventure.

Advertising “Meerkat Movies” by, which offers two for the price of one movie tickets deals, the two stop for a hitchhiker, which turns out to be the Home Alone star, hopping in to join them on their friendly travelers.

Roller coasters, ice cream, and a bounce house await the trio in the 40-second clip, ending their day enjoying some popcorn and soda while taking in a movie, per the point of the ad.