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July 08, 2016 at 02:51 PM EDT

During an appearance on The Daily Show Thursday night, Jason Bourne actress Julia Stiles commented on the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The conversation began with host Trevor Noah saying that America needs more of Stiles and her diversified films, to which she responded, “We need a lot more than a dancing movie.”

“I’m truly astonished,” she continued. “I’m not gonna say anything new, but I can’t not not address what has happened today. I just don’t understand how many more people — husbands and fathers and sons — have to die before something changes.”

Stiles aligned with Noah in arguing “the change has to be systemic.” She explained, “It has to be within the police department; protocol and training has to be different. And I understand that police officers have an incredibly dangerous job, but still it’s too much. It’s been too much for many years. It’s been too much for decades. And if that doesn’t change within the police department, citizens are going to lose respect for the authority of the police and violence will continue. Period. I mean, how many people have to say it?”

Stiles also talked about returning to the Bourne franchise. Watch the interview below.


Prior to Stiles’ appearance, Noah told his audience, “I shouldn’t be afraid to say it: America has a problem within its police force. And although it’s a problem that disproportionately affects black people, it’s not just a black problem. This is an American problem.”

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