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July 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

The identity of Rachel’s baby’s father kept her Friends guessing for a while — who did the red sweater belong to?! — and before that, there was even some confusion about who took that pregnancy test. Both situations, of course, got solved. We even learned the identity of Ugly Naked Guy earlier this year. 

But there’s a new mystery brewing at Central Perk in the form of the blonde in the purple blouse.

Comedian Nick Turner noticed said extra — just over the shoulder of Ross (David Schwimmer) — while watching Friends. He saw that after taking a drink from a mug, this mystery woman began a chewing motion. Curious.

“And the award for best ‘Friends’ extra goes to woman who sips coffee then chews it,” Turner writes.

No plate appears in front of the actress, so “washing down” a foodstuff seems unlikely. Turner agrees.

Another use proposed the glass was filled with hot chocolate con marshmallows — plausible, in Turner’s estimation.

However, the drink seems dramatic, as if nothing truly fills it. Our best idea is it’s empty, and she was working on a stick of gum. Or maybe she was chewing over Ross’ attempted burn of Rachel, who was seeing the father (Bruce Willis) of Ross’ girlfriend Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden) in season 6, episode 22. Any working theories will be accepted.

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