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Updated July 08, 2016 at 02:12 PM EDT
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Each week Big Brother host Julie Chen answers a few burning questions about the events in the house. Here, she weighs in on the returnees and newbies, ousted Victor, and the best and worst team names.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Right off the bat, the new players said the returnees would be the first ones to go, yet the all-stars seem to be running the house. Are these returning players just too savvy for the newbies?

JULIE CHEN: I don’t even think it’s so much that the returnees are so savvy. These newbies are just not that sharp! At least not the last two that exited. Victor and Jozea are naïve and too confident. Their confidence was not based on anything but their own healthy sense of self.

Is Victor just too naïve to play this game? Julie, he told everyone everything!!!

Yes, Victor is just too naïve to play Big Brother. His inability to keep information and his intentions to himself got him evicted this week. He should have stopped blabbing the truth to everyone… especially non-allies! There’s no honesty in Big Brother!

Category 4. Team Unicorn. Big Sister. Freakazoids. Rank the team names from best to worst.

Team Big Sister has the best name — cute and clever, playing on the title of the show. Da’Vonne being a few years older than her teammates and a veteran makes her like a Big Sister and her teammates her babies. They don’t call her Mama Day for nothing.

Team Category 4 is a close second. There are 4 of them and they want to come on like a strong storm. Category 4 sounds like something to be reckoned with. I’m shaking in MY boots!

The Freakazoids get third place. Kinda of cute and goofy. But hey if you’re Freakazoids, you’re capable of anything and hard to predict. Sounds like contenders to me.

Sorry, Team Unicorn, I am not afraid of you. You have the worst name. At best, you’re friendly and magical to 3-year-olds. At worst, you’re not real and not a threat. Go home.

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