It’s a tough life for Sutton Foster’s character Liza on Younger. At the end of season two, the wannabe 26-year-old had not one, but two attractive men vying for her affections. Sure, she has to deal with the struggle of constantly deceiving her friends and colleagues by pretending to be years younger than she is, but when the two men fighting over you are Nico Tortorella (Josh) and Peter Hermann (Charles) it’s hard to feel too badly for her.

As Tortorella pointed out in this video interview from ATX Television Festival in Austin last month, she gets “to play with both of us.”

Throughout the interview, Foster, Hermann, and Tortorella discuss their characters’ love triangle — they’re not a thruple, there’s a difference — and what qualities each man has to offer Liza.

So who is right for Liza? Well, Josh represents “freedom and the unexpected and it’s a little more dangerous and fun,” according to Foster, but then Charles has the stability and maturity factors going for him, and the fact that the two “meet on an intellectual level” (or, in the words of Tortorella, “They both read books”).

Regardless of who wins Liza’s heart, the show’s stars are enjoying the ride. “When in life has this ever happened to anyone?” Foster questions, while Tortorella’s sheepish response suggests he’s not wholly unfamiliar with such romantic entanglements. “It’s not a clear-cut thing,” she says. “It’s super complicated and that’s what makes great TV.”

Season 3 of Younger premieres on Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. on TV Land.

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