Credit: Alexandra Gavillet

Indie rock band Wavves made clear exactly who they don’t want at their shows in a note posted to Twitter on Wednesday night. The group posted a list of six type of people who are “not welcome at a Wavves show,” including proponents of “All Lives Matter,” people who use racial slurs, and supporters of Donald Trump.

“In light of the constant rape, murder, racism, homophobia, and misogyny that goes on seemingly every day, I feel the need to clear up who I personally make music for, and who I don’t,” the band wrote, before beginning the list.

“I’d rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate,” the band concluded. “People are suffering every day and the way I see it you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.”

Following the post, Wavves responded to a number of dissenters online, defending themselves for “speaking out against rape, murder and racism.”

But the responses certainly weren’t all negative. Fellow musicians such as hip hop artist Lizzo and Dev Hynes showed their support for Wavves’ note.