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At this point, Aaron on The Walking Dead may already be dead — struck down by Negan and his barbed wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille. But the man who plays Aaron claims to have no knowledge of whether he is alive or dead.

“We don’t know because they have one of those Men In Black memory eraser things,” joked Ross Marquand when he stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) Thursday morning. “They just held it up to our faces afterwards and we have no idea.”

Marquand may be jesting, but what has been no joke is the amount of times people ask him to reveal who was killed in that huge cliffhanger. How often does it happen? “Every single day,” said Marquand. “On average, two to three times a day.”

While same fans were angry with being forced to wait six months for the answer, Marquand loves the way the finale played out. “I’m really proud of the way it ended,” he said. “[Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, and husband Kenric Green, who plays fellow Alexandrian Scott] watched the episode with my family in Denver, and I was so proud, because even though I knew what was going to happen, we were all genuinely worked up by it. I didn’t mind the way it ended. I think a lot of shows end on cliffhangers. And I’m not just saying this to be diplomatic. I really think the way it ended was a solid end.”

Marquand also insisted that the wait will end up being worth it and that fans will agree once the first episode of season 7 is unleashed. “I’m excited that people are talking about it and I think they’re going to be really excited when they come back and see that premiere episode for season 7,” he explained. “It’s brutal, it’s insane, but I think it is going to be exactly what the fans are looking for.”

That’s not all Marquand spilled about season 7. He also told us to prepare for the introduction of a larger world. “This season is all about expanding the world of the communities,” he said. “Of course, we got introduced to the Hilltop, and we’ve got the Saviors, and we already were introduced to the Wolves, but now we’re seeing all these different factions really start to come together. Because for a while there it was just roaming bands of people who weren’t very sizable, and now they’ve all bound together and they’ve got weapons and they’ve got a lot of resources at their disposal. There’s going to be a massive clashing of communities, and some will work together and some will literally tear each other apart.”

Finally, did Marquand at any point ask to hold the infamous Lucille? “No! I didn’t want to touch that thing at all,” he said. “Are you kidding me?” Especially not with his face.

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