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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

Trevor Noah isn’t ignoring Donald Trump’s racist tweet problem anymore. In a segment from Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah called the presidential candidate out on his history of tweeting and retweeting racist things.

“Look, Trump, retweet something once and say it was a mix-up. Retweet it twice, you say that you’re bad at Twitter. But, at some point, you’re just racist,” said Noah. “You may be trying to dog whistle to a certain group of your people, but you understand that your message is getting through to all of us. It’s a normal whistle and it’s racist as s—.”

The segment was prompted by an incident over the weekend when Donald Trump’s twitter account tweeted a photo of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which many called anti-Semitic. The image showed Clinton against a backdrop of money with the words “most corrupt candidate ever” inside of a six-pointed star. Since it was discovered that the image came from a white supremacist chat room, the image was changed and the star was replaced with a circle.

Credit: Donald Trump's Twitter (since deleted)

“That is not even a good cover up. If you zoom in, you can still see the edges of the star underneath the circle,” Noah emphatically points out. “Trump is that guy who takes a giant dump in your bathroom, forgets to flush and then when you confront him, he just comes in with air freshener like, ‘There, it was like I was never here.'”

In a statement released Monday, the campaign rejected attacks that the initial image was anti-Semitic. “These false attacks by Hillary Clinton trying to link the Star of David with a basic star, often used by sheriffs who deal with criminals and criminal behavior, (showing an inscription that says “Crooked Hillary is the most corrupt candidate ever”) with anti-Semitism is ridiculous,” said the campaign.

In the segment, Noah points out that the use of the star isn’t what made the image anti-Semitic. “It’s when you put it on top of a pile of money next to the word corrupt that makes it anti-Semitic. It’s all about context,” said The Daily Show host. “For example, a cross isn’t a racist shape, but if you set it on fire on a black person’s lawn, then it is pretty f—– racist, people!”

Watch the entire segment on Trump’s social media problems below:

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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