Credit: The Official Pokémon Channel

Pokéfans: Grab your phone and get ready for the first Pokémon adventure that lets you be a trainer in the real world. Pokémon GO is officially available in the U.S. Apple App Store and Android Google Play, and will soon be released in South America, Canada, and Europe.

The live, interactive game from Niantic, Inc. allows users to create their own trainers and, using augmented reality, catch Pokémon wherever players are in the real world. Launching the app and holding up the phone reveals Pokémon from the original Kanto Pokédex (including Mew!) that players can catch to keep for their own.

The game also features the ability to fight gyms and evolve signature pocket monsters like Charmander and Krabby — a strong draw for fans of the GameFreak series.

The new smartphone game released Wednesday in Australia and New Zealand, and several users reported server issues due to the high volume of downloads.

Watch the trailer above for a preview of the game, now available on Apple iOS and Android.