The day is finally nigh. This Saturday will be Lin-Manuel Miranda’s last performance as the titular protagonist in Hamilton before handing the torch to Javier Munoz. Leslie Odom, Jr. and Philippa Soo are also departing, turning over the roles of Aaron Burr and Eliza Hamilton to new cast members. That made Wednesday’s Ham4Ham lottery performance the final one before the departure of these founders, and so Miranda took the stage in a “One Last Time” shirt to read a real-life letter from Alexander Hamilton to Eliza.

The letter, written during the Revolutionary War, contains Hamilton’s explanation to his beloved Eliza that she may very well end up stuck with a poor husband if she goes through with marrying him. One line in particular — “do you soberly relish the pleasure of being a poor man’s wife?” — so resembled a lyric from “That Would Be Enough” that it caused the audience to say “awwww.”

Miranda has often said that Hamilton’s way with was the main reason he decided to use hip-hop to tell the story — no other musical genre allows one to jam so much story and information into lyrics. Here, fans can get a real taste of that from Hamilton’s own pen. The man exclusively wrote in dense sentences like “Will you be able to see, with perfect composure, your old acquaintances flaunting it in gay life, tripping along in elegance and splendor, while you hold a humble station and have no other enjoyments than the sober comforts of a good wife?”

After the letter, Miranda brought Odom and Soo out for a rendition of “Happy Trails,” even providing cue cards for the gathered audience to sing along.

Watch the video below.

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