Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The latest celebrity to sit across from Jiminy Glick on Maya & Marty? Allow Glick himself to introduce his guest: “Please welcome from the ’90s, Jerry Seinfeld.”

On Tuesday’s episode of Maya & Marty, Seinfeld and Glick, the talk-show host alter ego of Martin Short, sat down for an interview that left the former Seinfeld star in stitches.

“You’re still around… ish,” Glick said of Seinfeld’s fame as the comic cracked up. “The same way Jimmy Carter is with us.”

Throughout the interview, Short’s Glick asked increasingly antagonistic questions to Seinfeld, many of which were met with outright laughs. An example: “Are you as surprised by your success as the rest of us?” Also: “See if you can find anything to make America remember why they gave you all that money.”

Watch the full sketch below.