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Now that Game of Thrones seems headed toward its resolution, where will the show’s sprawling cast of characters wind up when all is said and done? During the cast’s recent trip to a Syrian refugee camp, PEOPLE reporter Mary Green caught up with Arya actress Maisie Williams, Ser Davos actor Liam Cunningham, and Cersei star Lena Headey, to ask what they’d like to see the future hold for their onscreen personas.

“I’d love for her to be a bit of a lone ranger,” Williams said of Arya, who was last seen infiltrating Walder Frey’s castle and avenging the death of her mother. “I’d love for her to be kind of like The Hound. I don’t really want her to reunite with her family because I don’t think that they’re the same people anymore or that she’s the same person anymore. I think she’s better off on her own. I’d love for her to be alive, actually, and be her own boss.”

Cunningham professed hope that his ever-loyal Davos Seaworth would be able to escape the tragic fates of so many of his castmates, and perhaps die peacefully of old age.

“I don’t want a knife in the back,” Cunningham said. “I don’t him blown up with wildfire. I don’t want to be poisoned. I think perhaps he would open a little flower shop somewhere, some begonias, tulips, and settle down with a lot of attractive women from Dorne, with lots of Dornish wine.”

Headey, meanwhile, seemed hopeful for a climactic confrontation between Cersei (now installed on the Iron Throne as Queen of Westeros) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke’s character, who ended the season at the head of a fleet headed to Westeros to reclaim the Iron Throne that was taken from her family). With all her children dead and her relationship with her brother (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) suddenly complicated, Cersei’s story doesn’t look like it will have a pleasant ending. Headey, for her part, is hoping for a “great death by Arya.” (Speaking to EW after the season finale, Headey joked that she hoped either Arya or Tyrion would kill her character off. “No one would relish her death as much as he would,” she said of Peter Dinklage’s character.)

Previously, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have said they expect to end Game of Thrones after roughly 73 episodes, leaving just 13 left following the season 6 finale. The expectation is that the final episodes will be split across two seasons, though HBO has not confirmed an end date for the popular series.

Headey, Williams, and Cunningham traveled with the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding refugees. More than 60 million people are currently displaced, marking the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. The Game of Thrones stars visited with Syrian families relocated to Greece. For more information or to donate, please go to

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