By Dana Getz
July 06, 2016 at 04:39 PM EDT
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah may not stand for Donald Trump’s tweets about Hillary Clinton, but that won’t stop the late night host from discussing Clinton on his own terms.

In a segment from Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah took aim at the FBI’s recent decision not to recommend charges against the Democratic frontrunner over her use of private email servers while serving as secretary of state. He mocked FBI Director James Comey for “Seacresting” the entire announcement with a lengthy, tension-heavy speech. “We’ve all heard the laundry list of shady s—, give it to us straight,” Noah said.

He then likened Clinton’s imagined response to the daytime guests that frequent Maury, pasting an oversized image of her face on the body of a dancing man relieved to find out he’s “not the father.”

“That is where [the] election has gotten to right now,” Noah said. “When the good news is that one of your presidential candidates — the rational one by the way — will not be going to jail at this time. Not being indicted should never, ever be your good news.”

Last on Noah’s list of targets? The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s husband and former President Bill Clinton, who Noah slammed for his airport meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “I get in trouble for just trying to move to another row on the plane,” he said. “This guy jogged to a whole other plane.”

Watch the entire segment below.

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