Credit: NBC

Everyone Poops is a best-selling children’s book — but what if it was used as source material for a sci-fi thriller? That’s the premise behind a new short from Tuesday’s Maya & Marty.

Ana Gasteyer plays a frustrated scientist whose chief goal is trying to get the world to admit that “everyone does it.”

“Mr. President, you cannot argue with basic biology,” she tells the leader of the free world, played by host Martin Short.

“With all due respect, ma’am, I don’t know if I want to live in a world where everyone poops,” he tells her before Gasteyer’s character sets him straight. “With all due respect, sir, you already do.”

After angering the president — “Get this nut job out of here!” the commander-in-chief demands — the scientist finds everyone turning against her, all because she has a poop agenda. A scary secret agent played by Kenan Thompson threatens her in a parking garage, and even her husband, brought to life by Oscar winner Kevin Kline, is in extreme denial.

Watch her life go down the drain in the video below.