But they're making a movie together.

By Darren Franich
July 06, 2016 at 06:30 PM EDT
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Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Anders Holm have a busy year ahead of them. The stars and co-creators of Comedy Central’s Workaholics are prepping to film their long-in-the-works feature film Game Over, Man! Devine is the “Mike” in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, the raunchy comedy that opens in theaters this weekend. Devine’s currently juggling press-tour duties on Mike and Dave with pre-production on a new season of Workaholics. This will be the seventh season of the show — and, apparently, the last.

“This is it, we think,” says Devine. “We’ve talked as a group. We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed.” Anderson, Devine, and Holm created Workaholics in in 2011 with Kyle Newacheck, after the quartet became internet-famous as the viral-comedy team Mail Order Comedy. For the four young comedians, having their own TV show (and playing wild comic variants of themselves) became a kind of graduate school for comedy production. “The internet was kind of our college,” explains Devine. “Workaholics was us really honing it in, understanding everything it takes to make a TV show, to produce, to make your budgets.”

The end of Workaholics means new possibilities for the creators. “We’re on people’s radars now,” says Holms. “It’s exciting. It’s like a restart. I feel the fire and the hunger that I felt when I was 26.” The Workaholics team have been working together in some capacity for a decade now (see: their first YouTube video in February 2006). “We had the luxury of being able to see each other every day here at work.”

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“We’re only two weeks into writing,” says Anderson. “We still have the whole year left to get sad. The other day we were looking through the IMDB of the show, all the people that have come through, that we’ve worked with. We created such a world, and it really is something special.” Since no TV show ever really ends in the reboot era, Anderson hesitates to describe this final season as the final season. “We’re trying to at least take a lengthy break from it,” he says. “We’re saying it’s the last season, for now.”

Comedy Central has no official comment on the future of Workaholics. A January 2017 bow seems likely for the seventh season. Game Over, Man! is currently aiming to start production in March. “It’s very much an action comedy,” says Devine. “We’re three maids that work in a hotel and it gets taken over by terrorists. It’s sort of Die Hard, but with three idiot John McClanes.” And even if they’re not working together on Workaholics, the plan is to keep working together. “We always say, in a perfect world, every year we’d have a project together,” says Devine. “We’re not breaking up by any means.”

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