By Dylan Kickham
Updated July 05, 2016 at 05:56 PM EDT

The Grinch may have finally met his match. Comedian Michael Ian Black went full Dr. Seuss in his latest book by turning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump into a orange, hairy children’s book villain.

Black holds nothing back in his vivid description of the “American Trump” in A Children’s First Book of Trump. Taking a scientific, zoological approach, Black describes the plump, orange-haired beast in rhyming couplets, ending his verbal illustration by pointing out “its hands are sadly underdeveloped.” You can listen to Black’s full poetic portrait of his Trump creature in the excerpt from his audiobook below.

In a short interview about the new release, Black addressed some concerns that parents may have with marketing the political book to children. A parent himself, Black ensures readers that the story is fully safe for children, save for one mention of the word “crap.” He also gives a few more colorful details about his Trump-inspired creation, including its natural habitat and diet of cash, and expressed his hope that there won’t be a sequel to A Child’s First Book of Trump.

“I hope that the Americas Trumpus goes into deep hibernation in the fall, say around November,” Black deadpanned. Listen to the full interview below.

A Child’s First Book of Trump is out now.