Credit: James Morehead

There’s just no stopping Hilde Lysiak. The young journalist started her own newspaper at the age of 7, signed a deal for her own book series at 9, and now she may inspire her own TV show or movie. EW has confirmed that the film and TV rights to Lysiak’s story are currently being shopped among interested parties.

The news comes a week after Lysiak announced that she had signed with Scholastic to co-author a series of four books inspired by her life and career as a journalist. The Hilde Cracks the Case series will follow Lysiak and her older sister Izzy as they investigate fictionalized cases inspired by actual stories that Lysiak has reported. Lysiak’s father, journalist and author Matthew Lysiak, will co-write the series.

Lysiak has run her self-published crime newspaper The Orange Street News since 2014, and made headlines earlier this year for breaking the news of a murder before her local paper. The first book in her Hilde Cracks the Case series is due out in fall of 2017. The book deal was negotiated by Sharlene Martin at Martin Literary & Media Management and Katie Carella at Scholastic.