The host is celebrating 20 years of his hit radio show

By Dylan Kickham
July 05, 2016 at 04:29 PM EDT

Two decades have gone by like lightning for Elvis Duran, who’s celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his pop culture morning radio show this year. The successful radio personality appeared on Today on Monday to talk about getting his start, pivotal moments on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, and his favorite guests.

After so many years interviewing huge names in the music industry, the one that most stood out to Duran was Lady Gaga.

“When she walked into the studio, she covered her mouth and said, ‘Oh my God, I grew up listening to you,'” Duran remembered. “I’m thinking, ‘That’s Lady Gaga!'”

Duran also spoke about starting his own tiny radio station in his closet a child, getting fired from one of his early radio gigs, and coming out as gay on the air.

“It just happened,” Duran said of the 2010 broadcast during which he publicly came out as gay. “I never lied about who I am, about being a gay guy, I just never talked about it.”

Watch the full video below.