Things Americans miss out on by celebrating U.S. independence: meat pies and bowler hats

By Jessica Goodman
Updated July 04, 2016 at 04:58 PM EDT

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Even though Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was dark for Fourth of July, Oliver shared a web-only video, making sure American viewers knew what they were missing out on by celebrating American independence.

“Since 1776 you’ve done very well as a nation but it may be worth thinking about a handful of things when kicking Britain unceremoniously out of this country because first there’s the matter of your accents,” he says. “These beautiful vowel sounds could have been yours but instead from sea to shining sea you speak like you just burnt your tongue on a hot apple pie.”

Other things Americans lost by saying goodbye to the U.K. way back when? Bowler hats, meat pies, and pessimism.

“Take a moment on this July the Fourth,” he concludes, “to think about all that you’ve left behind and I think that you’ll realize you’re way better off the way things are.” No mention of Brexit, though.

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO with new episodes on July 24.

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