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Thanks for the Evil Queen scoop! Anything more you can share on Once Upon a Time? — Virginia

The Land of Untold Stories will provide a new avenue into the characters we’ve come to know and love over the last five seasons. “The intent is that these new characters and new stories are really a reflection on what’s going on inside of our characters,” says EP Adam Horowitz. “With Lana and the Evil Queen, that’s the starkest example, which we’ve already teased. We’re literally going inside her and pulling her apart. There are elements of that that we’re planning to do for each and everyone of the characters.”

Anything UnREAL? — Jesse

Though it seems like Ruby is on the road to winning Darius’ heart, someone from her past soon shows up for what Quinn hopes will be Everlasting ratings gold.

But seriously, what’s going on with Elizabeth Mitchell’s character on Dead of Summer? — Kara

You mean does she know what’s really going on at the camp? “Deb’s a character with secrets,” EP Adam Horowitz says. “How much that pertains to the camp and the evil doings there you’ll have to watch and see, but she certainly is hiding something. We hope that coming out of the premiere you’re wondering what it is, because it really does seem to emotionally affect her. We do get into it pretty soon and she’s got a flashback episode coming up that we’re really excited about.”

So Laurel’s finally in the know about the bugs (yay!), but what will she do about them on BrainDead? — Mike

Laurel’s work with Gustav will soon help them get a sense of the critters’ true, cruel intentions. “They’re going to quickly find out more and help the audience discover what these bugs are after,” co-creator Robert King teases. Of course, that’s not all Laurel has to worry about, especially after her first kiss with Gareth. FBI agent Anthony “complicates the picture” going forward, King says. A love triangle while D.C. literally loses its mind? Come on, boys — there are bigger (er, smaller?) problems to worry about!

What’s coming up on Supergirl in season 2? — Marcus

I’ll answer your question with my own question: Hank had a vision of Jeremiah, but was it actually real? “You should question everything,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says cryptically. “Until you see Jeremiah Danvers walk through the front door, everything can be questioned.” As for why Jeremiah is locked up at Project Cadmus — if it’s really him! — we’ll find out why he’s so important in season 2.

Anything on the new season of Blindspot? — Catherine

I’m hearing there will be a three-month time jump during the premiere. The season-opener will also feature flashbacks to some of Jane’s training that will prepare her for what she’ll be facing during those intervening months. Make of that what you will.

Will we find out why Garrett left on American Gothic? — Jennifer

Yes, we’ll actually get to see a lot of Garrett’s past via flashback. “We will get to spend some time with Garrett in the woods and what his existence was like there,” EP Corinne Brinkerhoff says. “We’ll really start to unpack what happened when he left, why he left, what he did while he was out there. It’s one of my favorite parts of the season. He was in a place where he felt he had no choice but to remove himself from the family and from society.”

I’d love anything on Owen for Grey’s Anatomy. — Gentry

That Olive branch of Owen allowing Riggs to come to his wedding in the finale could be the first step toward reconciliation. “In season 13, it looks like that relationship is going to be healed — until I do something silly,” Martin Henderson says with a laugh. “From Nathan’s point of view, he’s really wanting to bury the hatchet and actually move on.”

What can you share about the next season of The Big Bang Theory? — Brittainy

Though Wolowitz seemed paranoid in the finale, he and the guys may actually have reason to worry that the Air Force is spying on their project. “Based on what we’ve learned and what we’ve been researching, it could be fine, but I think there is a small percentage chance that they should actually be concerned,” EP Steve Molaro says. “That storyline is certainly not finished. They have no choice but to see what the Air Force wants and then go from there.”

Now that Noah knows Audrey is somehow involved, what’s coming up on Scream? — Emily

Emma will stumble upon Noah’s theory, but she may not be the only one to learn the truth. In other news, I’m starting to think my theory about the killer’s identity was wrong — or at least slightly off. I still think Emma is the killer, but she’s totally cracked mentally and doesn’t realize it. Just listen to what the killer says to Emma during a phone call they have in Tuesday’s episode and then decide for yourself.

Best news I’ve heard all week: R+L=J confirmed! Thank you, Game of Thrones.

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