Pearl Jam recorded the performance during a secret show in Nashville before Bonnaroo

By Eric Renner Brown
July 01, 2016 at 04:14 PM EDT
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jack White’s Third Man Records has announced the latest installment of their ongoing Vault Package series — but unlike the overwhelming majority of the releases in the subscription-only series, this one isn’t focused on one of White’s numerous projects. Instead, Vault Package #29 documents the secret show Pearl Jam played last month in the label’s Nashville Blue Room venue, two nights before headlining Bonnaroo.

The Blue Room is known for its capability to record live shows direct-to-acetate — the label says it’s “the only live venue in the world” that can do that — and Pearl Jam used that technology at the June gig. Pressed to black-and-gold vinyl, the band’s set features tracks from 1991’s “Deep” to 2006’s “Life Wasted,” as well as a seven-minute jam feature White on guitar.

The package also includes a photo book of Pearl Jam’s Blue Room gig and vinyl of a solo, acoustic cut the band’s frontman Eddie Vedder recorded the following day in Third Man’s Voice-O-Graph recording booth.

The previous installment of the Vault Package series featured acoustic recordings from White’s 2015 tour.

Check out a snippet of the newly announced live album below.