By Christian Holub
Updated July 01, 2016 at 01:40 PM EDT
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Earlier this week, The Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams released the shocking news that she was leaving the show to pursue other projects at Comedy Central. Williams joined the show in 2012 as its youngest correspondent to date and quickly established herself as one of the show’s top correspondents. During Williams’ goodbye segment on Thursday night’s show, host Trevor Noah told her, “You are the coolest, most awesome person. This whole building is going to suffer from a lack of J-Willy-ness.”

Noah then played a montage of highlights from Williams’ run, from her audition as a tractor-dancer to her bedroom Beyoncé dancing. The show’s other correspondents then lined up not only to bid farewell, but to ask for Williams’ autograph.

“It is not goodbye, it is farewell,” Noah said. “You’re gonna be close by, hopefully. Your show is gonna be amazing. You’re always welcome.”

Elsewhere in the show, Williams gave her final report as a correspondent, on Bernie Sanders supporters who are now thinking of switching their allegiance to Donald Trump.

“He is a bigot and a racist,” one such voter noted. “However…”

“You don’t have to continue with ‘however.’ Where are you going to go with that?” Williams asked.

But continue the voter did, saying that Hillary Clinton was corrupt and would start a war “within 90 days of her inauguration.” To prove to these voters how different Trump and Sanders were, Williams asked them to identify who said different quotes. She also threw in one Adolf Hitler quote, which a voter mistook for Trump.

When none of her other tactics worked, Williams finally played footage of Sanders himself saying he would vote for Clinton in November, and that he would do everything he could to defeat Trump.

“Maybe Bernie supporters should just listen to the guy they’re supporting,” Williams said. “J-Willy, out.”

Watch the clip below.

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