By Christian Holub
July 01, 2016 at 01:35 PM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel has learned a lot from DJ Khaled, such as how to use Snapchat correctly and how to empathize with Jeb Bush. The host isn’t done learning yet, though. On Thursday night, Kimmel once again had DJ Khaled on his show, this time to answer “3 Ridiculous Questions” inside a Nighthawks-looking bar. Right off the bat, DJ Khaled demonstrated how perfectly suited he was for this exercise.

“If you know somebody and you can’t remember their name, what do you call them?” Kimmel asked.

“Bless Up,” DJ Khaled said.

According to the musician, he tells everyone to “bless up,” regardless of whether he knows their name or not. Kimmel then asked if he would rather see a unicorn or a duck with human feet. DJ Khaled’s easily arrived at an answer; since a unicorn is rarer, he’d prefer one of the creatures for their “special cloth.”

“I see ducks all the time,” Khaled said. “They ‘theys,’ you know what I mean?”

Finally, Kimmel asked his last question: Where did all the pilgrims go?

“I have no idea, and it’s not my business,” Khaled said.

“I respect that,” Kimmel said.

Watch the clip below.

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