The NFL star also discusses his new Nickelodeon show 'Crashletes'
Credit: Nickelodeon

Rob Gronkowski, known to much of the sporting world simply as Gronk, is known for a lot of things, from touchdown spikes to cruises to being one of Tom Brady’s best assets on the field for the New England Patriots.

Yet the NFL star has ambitions beyond the gridiron as well — like, perhaps, a career as an action movie star. But first, he’s dipping his toe into the entertainment waters with a new TV show called Crashletes, which debuts Tuesday, July 5 on Nickelodeon. Think of it as a sort of America’s Funniest Home Videos meets Jackass, with Gronk and his co-hosts presenting (mainly kid-oriented) sports bloopers.

EW spoke to Gronk about the new show, his semi-famous family, and his action-hero ambitions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The show was created by Rob Dyrdek, of MTV’s Ridiculousness. Did you know him before this? Were you guys pals?

ROB GRONKOWSKI: No, I never knew him before, but I’ve always known of him. I always watch his show Ridiculousness, which is kind of like that, but in a way more of a PG version. It definitely shows viral clips, but they are all viral sports bloopers and blunders as people are falling, tripping, that kind of stuff.

I hear one episode will involve the entire Gronkowski family. Can you tell me what happens in that?

That was a great one. Yeah, one episode involves all of us. We have all my brothers, my dad, we have two co-hosts Stevie and Brandon in it, too. That was a great one. We were all just feeding off of each other. Everyone was just throwing comments out there about the bloopers, about each other, about how we all looked, like that blooper looked like one of us, making fun of each other. So, just overall, that one is going to be a great one, having my family in it.

So, there’s a segment on the show, at least on the first episode, dedicated to referees getting hurt. I’m wondering if that’s sort of like a payback for you after getting so many unfair flags from the refs?

Yes. That’s what’s kind of cool about the show, is that we came up with creative ideas, and they matched us well as a host. So, the referees getting hurt was funny, because obviously we can throw comments out like, “Oh, that’s what you get!”

What kind of TV shows do you normally watch? What are some of your favorite?

TV shows I watch… Homeland, back in the day. I’m really not attached to any TV show right now, but I watch 24, Homeland, and I mean… that’s all really. I never really grew up watching TV. I watch ESPN sometimes too. Oh, and SpongeBob, I still watch. It’s just a habit. I mean, I don’t watch it every day, but just every once in a while, you just put it on and it’s pretty funny. It’s just a good, refreshing show.

Do you think your teammates will watch this show? Do you think Tom Brady will approve?

I think all the teammates will probably watch at least one episode or so, just to see what it’s about and to get some laughs in and make fun of me.

Do you see yourself doing more TV in the future?

I mean, whenever I get the chance, I’d like to hop on the opportunity. So, I can definitely see myself doing more TV in the future.

What kind of projects would you pursue? Would you become an actor, would you do sports commentary?

I like action. Action’s the best, though. I love the action movies. I would love to be part of those.

What are some of your favorite action movies?

I like all action movies, but the ones with Jason Statham are always my favorite.

Would you be the hero or the villain?

The hero!