Senator Warren and Governor Baker chimed in

J.K. Rowling finally revealed the history and location of the American Hogwarts equivalent, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, earlier this week on Pottermore. The news obviously excited fans (especially since Pottermore could sort you into the new Ilvermorny houses), and that group apparently includes several figures in Massachusetts government, who have had a lot of fun with Rowling’s announcement that Ilvermorny was located on Mount Greylock in the state’s Berkshires region.

Senator Elizabeth Warren jokingly tweeted Wednesday that she was available to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Ilvermorny. After all, she wrote, she’s already taken on Donald Trump — how hard could Death Eaters be?

Later, Governor Charlie Baker’s office even gave a good-natured statement to The Boston Globe about Ilvermorny, which has supposedly resided on Mount Greylock for hundreds of years without detection.

“The governor believes that small businesses are the backbone of the economy whether they are owned by witches or mortals, and because the institution has operated for nearly 400 years without incident, the administration plans to revisit the matter sometime in the next century or two,” Baker’s office told the paper in a statement. “The Department of Revenue’s spell-detecting technology procurement will be in its final stages at that time.”

The Boston Globe also talked to John Dudek, manager of Mount Greylock State Reservation’s Bascom Lodge, who said that the mountain’s weather does sometimes create a supernatural effect.

“It’s a little bit like The Shining here when you’re alone at night,” Dudek said. “There are days when we’re just locked in clouds and you can’t see anything.”

That sounds like a great way for wizards to escape detection. Perhaps one could see something from the War Veterans Memorial Tower at the top of the mountain, but according to the Globe report, that monument is currently closed for repair through 2017.