By Christian Holub
June 30, 2016 at 05:04 PM EDT
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The latest comedian to stop by Mike O’Brien’s closet for Above Average’s 7 Minutes in Heaven was Telenovela star Eva Longoria. According to O’Brien, Longoria’s appearance automatically landed her in the show’s Top 25 Flat-Out Smokin’ Hottest Gals, which earned her a special Plate of Appreciation emblazoned with O’Brien’s face.

Later, O’Brien had Longoria prank call his Michigan-dwelling parents, pretending to be “Janet” from the “Planning Enforcement Council.”

“Apparently the furnace recently installed in your basement was not permitted development,” Longoria told the O’Briens’ voicemail. “I’m afraid that you’re each gonna have to be spanked by me, and that you will have to call me ‘Mommy’ while I do that. Please let us know a good time when I can come back and do this. Also, please be aware the spankings will be filmed and posted on our sister website, Thank you so much and we’ll see you soon.”

Watch the video above.

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