It’s been a while since Daniel Radcliffe last set foot in Hogwarts, and apparently some of his younger fans think it’s time for him to reveal the magic behind his wizarding days.

The Swiss Army Man actor fielded questions submitted to PEOPLE by youngsters ranging in age from 4 to 11, and many were anxious to learn how they could score their own invisibility cloak and Nimbus 2000.

Beckett, 7, wearing his own pair of Potter spectacles, asked, “What’s the special effect that turns you invisible?”

“I think that’s like state secrets,” Radcliffe told Beckett regretfully.

Meanwhile, Olive, also 7, wondered, “How do you make broomsticks fly?”

“Again, that is just done with magic and I can’t tell you anything more,” the actor answered apologetically. “I’m very sorry.”

And while Robert, 7, wanted to know if Radcliffe likes believing in fake monsters, not every question revolved around the actor’s history with magic: Sophia, 11, was curious about his acting method, asking, “What was the most challenging part about playing your character?”

Saving the best for last, 4-year-old Stella, wearing a pair of his trademark spectacles, asked in her best Queen’s English, “Harry Potter, do you like my English accent?”

Check out the video above to hear Radcliffe’s answer to Stella, as well as to a host of other curious kiddos.