By Will Robinson
Updated June 29, 2016 at 08:07 PM EDT
Credit: Paual Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

Since the June 23 flooding in West Virginia, the natural disaster has killed at least 23 people and ravaged many communities. Now, Brad Paisley is stepping up to help his home state.

The country music star launched a GoFundMe effort to raise funds for the relief effort, starting with his own $100,000 donation.

“Now that the waters are receding it’s time to pitch in and help in any way we can,” Paisley writes on the page.

As of this posting, $109,000 (counting Paisley’s big check) of the $1 million goal has been raised.

The 2016 flooding is the third-worst in West Virginia, and the worst since November 1985

Check out Paisley’s GoFundMe campaign here.