By Devan Coggan
June 29, 2016 at 09:48 PM EDT
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Sixteen Candles

You may not be able to land Jake Ryan — or even Farmer Ted — but if you’re willing to fork over a cool $1.5 million, you can at least live like Samantha from Sixteen Candles and buy the Baker family home. 

The house used as a filming location for John Hughes’ 1984 classic is now for sale, priced at $1.499 million. Located in Evanston, Illinois, the home has been renovated since its starring turn in Sixteen Candles, and it went on the market earlier this month. And with six bedrooms and four bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for visiting grandparents.

Listing agent Jill Blabolil told ABC News the house has attracted potential buyers and Molly Ringwald fans alike, saying, “We’ve had serious interest and people that just want to come through because it was their favorite movie.” She added that the home’s purchase price includes a Sixteen Candles poster that’s been passed on from owner to owner.

The north Chicago suburbs are famously home to dozens of Hughes filming locations, and Evanston boasts locations including Kevin McCallister’s house in Home Alone and the Russell residence in Uncle Buck.

Check out more photos and the official listing here, as well as a picture below of what the house looks like today. (Notably, there’s no Long Duk Dong passed out in the front yard.)

Sixteen Candles

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