Matt Damon just brought his super spy skills to the masses, with hilarious results. The Jason Bourne star took part in a prank video in which he recruits a series of unsuspecting civilians in Los Angeles into becoming spies. After being handed a ringing phone, the marks are unknowingly directed by Damon through a series of secret agent tasks.

But the mission doesn’t always go according to plan. When Damon tells one man, “What I need you to do is of vital importance to both of us,” the man clearly did not agree. He hangs up on him and drops the phone on the ground, launching Damon into a fit of hysterics.

The actor does not share Jason Bourne’s intense composure. He frequently covers the phone to hide his laughter while telling people things like, “that manilla envelope is the hottest potato you’ve ever held in your hand.”

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All the silly spy-craft ends up getting the civilians a face-to-face meeting with Damon, where he gives them tickets to the premiere of the new Jason Bourne movie. Damon teamed up with Omaze to create the video as part of an initiative to raise money for, an organization working to solve the global water crisis. Contestants can donate $10 to the charity and be entered into a drawing to attend the Bourne premiere, get a drink with Damon at the after party, and stay overnight in Las Vegas.

Watch the full video below. Jason Bourne enters theaters July 29.

Jason Bourne
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