June 29, 2016 at 11:19 AM EDT

One of the things that has defined Donald Trump’s unorthodox presidential campaign has been his frequent use of silly, almost childish nicknames for his opponents: Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Little Marco Rubio, Crazy Bernie Sanders. That element has died down a bit now that Trump’s field of foes has winnowed down to just presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but worry not, Jimmy Kimmel has a video montage at the ready to remind you of Trump’s most colorful insults.

Following that highlight reel, Kimmel brought out his crew of Troompa Loompas for the second time, to sing a Willy Wonka-style song doubling as a moralistic lesson. “What do you get when you call people names? Stirring up hatred and fanning the flames?” The Loompas sang.

After some breakdancing and the appearance of an animated sun backdrop with Trump’s face, the Loompas conclude with the lesson, “If you don’t bully, you will go far.” One Loompa went even further, capping off the song by staring into the camera and delivering a good old “You’re fired.”

Watch the clip below.

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