Credit: TBS

Samantha Bee dedicated a whole segment on Monday’s Full Frontal to the Brexit debacle. She made fun of “insufferable frog-faced wanker” Nigel Farage, the U.K. Independence Party leader; criticized Good Morning Britain hosts for pressuring Farage when he tried to walk back on campaign promises (“Their morning hosts are allowed to say ‘propaganda’ and ask follow-up questions?”); and laughed off so-called “Bregret” voters, who chose “Leave” but came to regret it almost immediately.

“Even some ‘Leave’ voters were surprised and upset to discover that the more votes something gets, the more likely it is to win,” Bee said. “Listen, your vote has consequences. You want to send a message, use the Royal Mail. It still works! For now.”

Most of Bee’s ire was saved for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who happened to be visiting his golf course in Scotland the morning after the Brexit vote. Trump offended many Scots by congratulating them for Brexit, even though they voted overwhelmingly to stay. To capture the full extent of anti-Trump Scottish feeling, Bee recruited “real Scotsman” David Tennant to read some of Scottish Twitter’s choicest insults. They included such gems as “Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in Europe, you toupéd f—trumpet” and “They voted Remain and they hate your guts, you ludicrous tangerine ballbag.”

Then, to make fun of British people wondering if there was a way to un-do Brexit, Bee played a Doctor Who clip of Tennant’s Tenth Doctor talking about how “I can never go back, I just can’t.” She ended with a plea for American voters to not make the same mistake as their counterparts across the pond, and one last Doctor Who joke.

“At least there’s still time to make sure we don’t feel in November the way the Brits do today,” Bee said. “Go to your state Board of Elections website and check your voter status and deadlines. Take this election seriously, and for God’s sake, between now and November, don’t blink.”

Watch the clip below.