Credit: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

A Twitter account impersonating publisher Alfred A. Knopf, with the username @AKnopfNews, tweeted “URGENT. Author Cormac McCarthy dies for [sic] stroke at 82” Tuesday morning.

But soon after the tweet went out, Paul Bogaards, director of publicity at Knopf, confirmed to EW that news of McCarthy’s death is “not true,” and that @AKnopfNews is a “rogue account” of “someone impersonating Knopf.”

Shortly after, the account tweeted, “This account is hoax created by Italian journalist Tommasso Debenedetti. McCarthy is alive and well” — but not before some major news organizations and fans fell for it.

Strangely, this isn’t the first Twitter hoax McCarthy’s name has been dragged into: Last August, someone created an account (@cormacmccarthyw) pretending to be the press-averse author, tweeting, “First time on Twitter. Let’s see how this goes.” The account was confirmed to be fake by Knopf, and has since been suspended.

And in case fans were wondering, McCarthy still doesn’t care for Twitter.