June 28, 2016 at 01:48 AM EDT

Here’s something to mend that achy breaky heart: Billy Ray Cyrus has his own Behind the Music. Okay, not really, but the country star did do a great job spoofing the hit docuseries franchise while in character as Burnin’ Vernon Brown from his new CMT series, Still the King.

In the featurette, Cyrus’ semiautobiographical character looks back on his career in country music, as actual vintage clips of Cyrus are interspersed into the video. Burnin’ Vernon Brown’s Behind the Music seems to closely mirror Cyrus’ real-life career — both were major names in country music in the early ’90s — but the differences become apparent as the video continues. While Cyrus became more known as a father and actor in the 2000s after his daughter Miley gained fame, the character of Burnin’ Vernon Brown experienced a highly publicized downward spiral fueled by alcohol and pills.

Still the King, which follows the disgraced ex-country singer as he attempts to get his life back on track, airs Sundays on CMT.

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