Credit: NBC

One America’s Got Talent contestant is giving disco icons a run for their money with elaborate mannequins — and EW has an exclusive clip of his mesmerizing routine.

“I’m not even going to ask what you’re going to do,” judge Heidi Klum tells 54-year-old Las Vegas native Christopher as he takes the stage alone in a Native American headdress and loincloth. After walking off stage, the mystery surrounding the solo act is finally revealed as Christopher reemerges with a contraption of four mannequins attached to him via a harness. They all move in unison in as — wait for it — The Village People.

While Christopher and his pseudo crew dance to “YMCA,” the audience can’t help but get out of their seats and move. Even the judges get a kick out of the gimmick, with Simon Cowell cracking a smile and Howie Mandel becoming hysterical with laughter.

As it turns out, Christopher has had a life-long dream of performing in a music group. “A lot of music groups look like they’re having fun together. That always kind of made me jealous,” the solo performer laments. But he did something about it, working on his routine for 30 years. Now, he’s convinced it’s “definitely a million dollar act.” Will the judges agree and send him to the next round? Check out the clip above before his America’s Got Talent episode airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday on NBC.

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