Plus: A reunion on 'UnREAL'

By Chancellor Agard
Updated June 27, 2016 at 05:32 PM EDT
Caterina Gennaro

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Shark After Dark

Discovery, 11 p.m.

It’s that time of the year again, when Discovery chums the TV waters with programs about the ocean’s most feared predator. Tonight, we have Shark After Dark, in which host and horror director Eli Roth goes swimming with you-know-whats. “I just went diving in Tahiti with tiger sharks, and it was the most incredible experience,” the Hostel auteur tells EW. “They were curious and sweet. But I have never encountered a predator — other than Harvey Weinstein — that could just devour you in one bite.” Check out our handy-dandy Shark Week guide here.


U.S. Olympic Trials: Swimming Finals

NBC, 8 p.m.

Live from Omaha, it’s the U.S. Olympic swimming trials where men and women compete to make the team that our great nation will send to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. And here’s a guide to how to watch the various Olympic trials.



Lifetime, 10 p.m.

First Batman and Superman, then Captain America and Iron Man, and now Rachel and Quinn! Can our superheroes stop fighting? In tonight’s episode, Quinn confronts Rachel about her betrayal, forcing Rachel to team up with Coleman to keep a big secret about Darius from a temporarily reunited Quinn and Chet. Check out our recap of last week’s episode and our report from the set of UnREAL.


Turn: Washington’s Spies&

AMC, 10 p.m.

I spy two captured spies marching to the gallows in the third season finale of AMC’s revolutionary drama, and one of them is titular Washington spy Abe. But, we shouldn’t be too worried about him. As EW’s Jeff Lebrecque put it in his recap of the last week’s episode, it’s not a question of if Abe will be spared, but how.