By Nick Romano
Updated June 27, 2016 at 01:25 PM EDT

It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg holds Alfred Hitchcock and his work in high regard, but Spielberg will never forget the time he was kicked off one of Hitchcock’s movie sets. During EW’s tour of the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood with Spielberg, the acclaimed filmmaker recalled the time his younger self infiltrated Torn Curtain starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews to little avail.

“I was on the Torn Curtain set for about 10 minutes before someone came and told me to leave,” he said. “I got to see Hitchcock and Julie Andrews, but — I was on the Phantom of the Opera stage — they were far away, and I had just come through an entrance.”

In the summer of 1963, Spielberg received a three-day pass to the lot after impressing Universal Studios librarian Chuck Silvers with some of his homemade movies. When it expired, he continued showing up, sticking to the shadows of TV shows and infiltrating postproduction offices to see editors work their magic. He continued building his connections on the lot in the years ahead.

During his brief time on the Hitchcock set, Spielberg recalled how he was settled in the back of a theater with “500 extras in the seats” when a stage hand told him it was a closed set. “Got kicked off by a 3rd AD!” he exclaimed.

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