EW's 'Game of Theories' dives into the season 6 finale, 'The Winds of Winter'

By Shirley Li
Updated June 27, 2016 at 07:57 PM EDT
Credit: HBO

Jon Snow still knows nothing — but at least we know much more than we did at the start of season 6. We know that Jon’s not Ned’s son, but Lyanna’s. (Congrats, R+L=J theorists, myself included!) We know that Cersei’s now on the Iron Throne, after taking a page out of the Mad King Aerys’ book and burning all of her enemies down in the Sept of Baelor. (All men must die, after all.) We know that Arya’s back in Westeros, capable of both baking and murdering without any intention of following the core beliefs of the House of Black and White. We know that Bran’s headed South. We know that Melisandre’s headed South. We know Daenerys is headed West. We know that Sansa has a vital decision to make about rulership of the North. And we know that Sam has finally reached the Citadel in Oldtown, where he’ll be privy to all knowledge of Westeros — including the pivotal key to defeating the White Walkers, once and for all.

In other words, the season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” has set up what looks like an epic season 7 to come — and in EW’s Game of Theories‘ final installment above, we break down everything we learned and what it’ll mean once the drama returns next year. So, like Daenerys, we’re not sad to see season 6 leave — we’re just impatient for season 7 to arrive. Speaking of which, will we open next year on her toppling Cersei’s brittle grasp on the Iron Throne, or will we see Jaime drive the sword into his sister-lover’s back? Will we see Bran return to Winterfell, and Jon finally learn who he really is? (And will Bran learn of Jon’s father’s identity before that happens?) What about the Queen of Thorns, who’s now solidly with the Martells Sands, and in turn, Daenerys? The Mother of Dragons now leads the most formidable small council in the Seven Kingdoms. Fingers crossed she knows what to do with it.

Still, Game of Thrones isn’t all about the power players and where they’ve landed. It’s just as important to take a look back at the lives lost in the process — and season 6 delivered wave after wave of deaths, some crushing (hold the door!), some exhilarating (those hounds were hungry, Ramsay!), and some just… grotesque to watch (don’t cross Ser Gregor!). In the video above, we’ve also compiled the notable departures of season 6, so take a trip down memory lane with us.

As always, thank you for watching! Like Sam, I’m going to settle down with the pages of theories from fellow fans to look for more clues on what could happen next. He’s got the Citadel; I’ve got Google — and you, so please tweet me your thoughts at @shirklesxp. (And now my watch has ended.)

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